SVEREV is an association consisting of independent accounting and auditing firms that cooperate!

We cooperate in order to streamline and increase the workflow efficiency at our respective firms. We create manuals and templates for assuring quality. We have a joint system for reviewing each other’s audits and accounting, which means that we only get audited by FAR.

We also have a cooperation concerning further education. We cooperate and tailor our lectures to best suit the needs of our members, while keeping the costs down to a minimum.

What we offer

SVEREV is characterized by having an active presence in all of our business relationships. We utilize our common knowledge and experience to help the customer in the best way possible.  We are striving to constantly improve in our role as advisors.

We work close to our customers in order to clarify their records. We clarify connections and identify future opportunities, but also aspects in which there might be a need for

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Being a member of SVEREV gives you access to a business network consisting of Swedish accountancy firms. We’re helping our members to progress by sharing common experiences, organizing joint efforts in terms of further education, and by our systematic set-up for assuring quality.